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The Resilience Project & Tutor’s Perspective

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Inspiring Resilience

  • devetandconsultants

From Dr. Bonnie Devet, College of Charleston, USA – What Is Inspiring You Lately?

By |October 6th, 2020|

Thanks to my consultants, though, I have been inspired. The consultants jumped right in, Zooming with clients, eager to help and to learn the new system. And being the sensitive, introspective souls that they are, they have been analyzing how using Zoom is similar but different from f2f, describing some fine distinctions so that both the consultants and I are learning even more about the fine art of being Writing Lab consultants.

From Deniz Uncu, The Hisar School, Turkey – What Is Inspiring You Lately?

By |September 29th, 2020|

During these 4 weeks, this project was the only thing I enjoyed doing. Like most of the people, I am starting to get tired of not seeing the future clearly, so it feels good to work on a project that will have many benefits for everyone. Even though nothing really cleared up about our life in quarantine, this project is a comfort to accomplish something.

Tutor’s Perspective

Conceptual Lineage: A Found Poem

By |

I worked two years as a Peer Writing Assistant at Lansing Community College. As for my creative writing/center process, I have seen my writing self as two sections that don’t meet: the writing center/academic writer and the creative writer.

Writing Lab Madrigal

By |

I am classically trained, and therefore rose to this challenge to produce a conceptual piece of meta-fiction in the style of a madrigal for two voices which can be performed by the consultant and consultee (fingers crossed).

Grammar I and Grammar II

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I've spent the past seven years in and around writing centers, an experience which has sharpened my writing and deepened my frustration at how many educators see grammar as the sum total of good writing.