WLN News Round-Up

Assistant blog editor, Amber Slater, shares some of what’s on the WLN news radar this week:

Why do writers love to run? Nick Ripatrazone explores the parallels between writing and running, aiming to explain why so many famous authors have been known to hit the track or the trails. [The Atlantic]

From CBC

From CBC

College students offer tutoring to Syrian refugees. Using Skype, a group of students from McGill University is offering English language tutoring to Syrian refugees who are studying for the TOEFL exam. While it is currently a pilot project, the students hope to involve more of their peers and spread awareness about the refugee crisis. [CBC]


A PhD student explains the utility of writing groups. Travis Grandy explains the personal benefits of writing groups and offers tips about how they can be structured and planned. [Inside Higher Ed]

A youth writing center will be recognized by the White House. The center, the Telling Room, is based out of Portland, Maine and offers writing programs for refugee and immigrant high school students. The organization will receive a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award of $10,000 to expand its programming. [MPBN]

Watch a video about the Telling Room here:

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