One-woman band: up-date

The last time I wrote, I described my situation as a 'one-woman band' study support tutor, with a manager who was making my life impossibly difficult, with all the consequent knock-on effects on my physical and emotional health. This year, as the result of a merger, the hierarchy has shifted, so although I still have

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Hello from the Writing Hub at the University of Sydney, Australia

Hi All. It's so great to read all the posts so far. I'm Susan Thomas, the founding director of The University of Sydney Writing Hub (a name that Mickey Harris helped me settle on after much deliberation). I'm an American-trained Writing Program Administrator who never thought for a second that I'd be this far away

Introducing Ireland’s first academic writing centre

In 2006, €27,000 was awarded to Caroline Graham, Director, University of Limerick (UL) Language Centre, and Dr. Angela Chambers, Professor of Applied Languages, to develop a number of Writing Centre activities and an academic business plan for the creation of a Writing Centre in UL. Subsequent to that initial award, Sarah Moore, Dean of UL’s

One woman band

I’m what we call a 'one woman band' at my University  – no writing centre and struggling as the only tutor to provide sessions in academic writing through workshops,  from 1st yr undergrads, up to and including, post-grads. Along with that, I am battling against a manager who is determined to restrict and limit what I

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