WLN News Round-Up

Assistant blog editor, Amber Slater, shares some of what’s on the WLN news radar this week:

College of Charleston and Citadel Writing Centers Connect. The College of Charleston Writing Lab consultants created presentations for their Citadel peers, and the staff members discussed similarities and differences between their two writing centers.  [CofC]

From The Guardian

From The Guardian

It’s the year of the emoji. In the wake of the OED choosing the “face with tears of joy” emoji as the word of the year, this article traces their history and offers a crash course on some key emojis. My question is: have you seen any projects in your Writing Centers using emojis? [The Guardian]


Long Night Against Procrastination event celebrates students’ academic work. Dr. Allison D. Carr reflects on Coe College’s first Long Night Against Procrastination event, in which students logged 546.25 combined hours writing, reading, and working together. [The Chronicle of Higher Education]

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