Submission Guidelines

  • Please email to share your piece!
  • Submit your piece as a Microsoft Word document.
  • If references are included, please use APA format.
  • Include your bio (100 words) and a profile photo.
  • (Optional): Provide two or three relevant photographs (jpeg; png) to accompany your piece.

In the spirit of crossing borders and learning from each other, we welcome posts from writing centers around the world. We want to hear how writing centers from all corners of the world are managing, growing, and thriving. We want to create a space where writing center professionals can grow in their practice while connecting with those they would otherwise never meet. We welcome feature pieces, global spotlight pieces, and profile pieces.

Feature pieces: 1500 words

A feature piece can tackle questions like these:

  • Given our globalized educational contexts and institutional missions for internationalization and diversity, how might writing center work with writers in/from different parts of the world enrich our theories/tutoring approaches/ways of doing?
  • What can we all offer each other in terms of perspective, ideas, techniques, support, and community?
  • What do we need to revisit in our perspectives, ideas, techniques, student and tutor support work, and community?

Global spotlight pieces: 400-500 words

A global spotlight piece tells us the who/where/when/what of your writing center.

A profile piece: 700 – 1000 words

A profile piece also tells us the who/what/where/when/what of your writing center. However, this piece takes on a specific angle offering a new perspective, question, model, and is guided by these broader questions:

  • What might those of us in the North American context learn from our colleagues in different parts of the world about writing center theory and practice?
  • How might practices/histories/approaches outside of the North American context inform the work many of us here in the U.S. do with our multilingual and international student-writers?