Global Writing Center Spotlight | The Hisar Writing Center, Istanbul, Turkey


Editors’ note: One of our editorial goals this year has been to “spotlight” writing centers around the world. In an effort to align with the blog’s mission to “connect writing centers across borders,” once a month, we invite a writing center administrator from an international writing center to share a few words (400-500) introducing us to their center.  This semester, we have spotlighted a writing center at The Haigazian University in Lebanon and another at Daystar University in Kenya. For our May spotlight, we share an introduction to the Hisar Writing Center in Istanbul, Turkey, by its director, Jeff Gibbs. To learn more, visit their website by clicking here.

The Hisar Writing Center is headquartered at Hisar School in Istanbul, Turkey, a progressive K-12 institution founded in 1996. Our main center serves 859 middle and high school students in grades five through twelve, while our affiliate, Writing Center Junior, focuses on our primary school students. Our center’s goal reflects the school’s mission. We aim to build a community confident and fluent in the writing process, a community that sees writing as a tool for learning and developing critical thinking. Continue reading

Send us a Video or a Note! How are you staying resilient?


Hello Colleagues,

We are creating a series of videos of tutors and writing center staff that showcase how the writing center community is staying resilient, hopeful, and taking care of one another during these unprecedented times. We’d love for you to join us! To do so:

  1. Choose ONE of these prompts:
    1. What is inspiring you lately?
    2. What is one recent act of kindness you have done or received?
    3. How is writing or working with writers keeping you going these days?
  2. Record a 20-30 second “selfie” video (landscape) OR write a 250 word response with a related photo. (You could also write a few words on a piece of paper/card and hold it up for the camera as a photo or video). We also welcome submissions in other languages besides English!
  3. Email your video OR note and photo to that includes: 
        1. Your full name
        2. Your institution
        3. Your writing center position

Please send your video OR note and photo by Friday, May 22nd. Once we receive a good number, we will post them here!

And finally, something to brighten your day, please enjoy: Jane Hirshfield’s poem, “Optimism.”

Jane Hirshfield, “Optimism”. Vimeo, uploaded by Kelli Anderson, 19 April 2018,