CFP: Supporting L2 Writing Competencies at German-Speaking Universities, Munich, April 7-8, 2016

The following call for papers might be interesting to those who also work with L2 learners in their writing centers or learning commons. 

Dear colleagues,

The Language Center of the Technische Universität csm_Flags_small_2_39da641328nchen cordially invites you to contribute to the Third Annual Symposium Supporting L2 Writing Competencies at German-Speaking Universities on April 7 + 8, 2016 in Munich. We are looking forward to discussions of the latest developments in the field, exchanges between practitioners and researchers, and opportunities to network and gain inspiration for our work.

For more details, please check out the Call for Papers in English and German by visiting our website:

The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2015

The Team at the TUM English Writing Center and DaF Schreibberatung is looking forward to hearing from you!

For the organizers: 

Heidi Minning / Jeremiah Hendren / Ruth Shannon / Christine Reulein / Dorothea Hartkopf 


 The German Call for Papers can be found below. 

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#WCLinkUp: The Long Night Against Procrastination Across Germany Revisited

With this blog post I want to highlight some of the events of The Long Night Against Procrastination Across Germany.  When browsing Twitter with hashtag #lndah, I came across a tweet by Dennis Fassing, who mixed tweets, posters and images with his own commentary in a stori-fy compilation. Although the texts are in German, I think that readers from around the globe will appreciate the many faces and forms this event took on this year on or around March 5, 2015.

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The Long Night Against Procrastination: Our Evolving Relationship

Although the Long Night Against Procrastination began five years ago at Viadrina University in Frankfurt/Oder (one hour east of Berlin and the location of the 2014 EWCA conference), universities across the pond have also caught on. Julie Nelson Christoph, Director of the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA shares this year’s event with us. 

Those of us who procrastinate have a special relationship with our procrastination, in its many varieties and causes. There’s the dreaded procrastination because of fear of the task, there’s joyous procrastination because of more enticing alternatives, and—when we’re smart—there’s what Professor John Perry calls “structured procrastination,” or putting the urge to procrastinate to good use by re-prioritizing our priority lists, so that the truly useful tasks (like major writing projects) become the distractions from the other tasks on the list (like vaguely important emails that seem pressing but have been forgotten by everyone but you).

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The Long Night Against Procrastination 2015: A German Perspective

Stephanie Dreyürst, founder and director of the Writing Center at Frankfurt’s Goethe-University, holds a PhD in Early Modern German Literature. She is interested in everything that has to do with (academic) writing, reading and thinking. Her favorite areas of research include personal learning environments, writing intensive courses, Writing Fellows, and Digital Humanities projects. She’s a proud member of the board of the German Skeptics. Below is her account of the #lnap events this year in Germany. 

Like every year, I wrote and read a lot during the Long Night Against Procrastination. Only this time I never left home. My bed, to be precise.

Normally, as one of two Directors of the Writing Center at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, I would have been with our peer tutors, supervising the event, watching writers settle into the library’s seats, making sure everybody was fine and happy, drinking the occasional cup of coffee (or three), closing the doors after a really long night, probably around 6:30 in the morning. But not this time.

Both my colleague and I had caught a cold and we just couldn’t be there. A real pity, because it’s such a special night for all of us and we normally have a huge amount of fun with the students and our tutors. But being bed-stricken gave me the opportunity to watch much closer than I normally would have what my colleagues at other Writing Centers were doing and what all the nocturnal writers were saying about their perspective on the Long Night Against Procrastination. Continue reading

Weekly #WCLinkup: Pinterest and the writing center spaces of UNR, IUP and TAMU

Every week the blog editors would like to highlight a few activities, materials or events related to writing centers from around the globe. We intend this to be a simple, fun weekly list of good reading/memes/links around the web by/for/about writing centers. You can help us by sending us links or those tidbits of information that make our readers smile. 

So for this first post I spent some time on Pinterest and entered the keywords “writing+center” first and found a gYes, I went to the writing centerreat number of virtual writing center spaces curated by parents and teachers for elementary and middle school children. I then added another keyword to the search “university+writing+center” and I came across three digital spaces from three universities. The writing consultants at the University of Nevada, Reno writing center started 12 boards and have so far compiled 138 pins. Why not check out the UNR writing center space on Pinterest now? The board titles range from “Writer’s Block,” “Writing Humor” to ‘Real World Writing.”

The IUP Writing Center has 18 boards so far that include information for “IUP Faculty” but also “Just for Laughs,” “Staying Productive” to “Writing in the News.”

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Night Against Procrastination 2015 at Grand Valley State University

This year March 5, 2015 is the day many international writing centers celebrate the Long Night Against Procrastination. Patrick Johnson, Director of the Meijer Center for Writing at Grand Valley State University, shares how his institution has run a #lndah, or how they refer to it, a #NAP event for the last 3 years (this year will be their 4th). Unfortunately, due to the university’s spring break, the Center for Writing has delayed their NAP event until March 12-13. Below is a brief overview about the planned events. 

The Night Against Procrastination has become an annual tradition at Grand Valley State University. We started offering the event four years ago after learning about it from Sandra Ballweg (TU Darmstadt). Each year it has grown and we have been able to involve more campus programs in the promotion and organization of the event. The first year we held the event we had roughly 120 students attend, whereas last year we had over 200.

For students, NAP is an opportunity to get started on end-of-semester projects/papers after returning from spring break. For writing consultants, it is an essential form of staff bonding where many consultants participate as students as well as assisting with the running of the event. Traditionally, there are not many public outreach events that writing center’s host, so NAP is our one event where we invite everyone on campus to come to the writing center, learn about services, and surround themselves with productivity. A local pizza restaurant donates pizza for our midnight snack and we also offer desk yoga, brain games, campus walks and sunset viewings, as well as a victor’s breakfast for those who survive the night. We also give out pins to students who participate that say “power napper” and “I went all night.” Continue reading

Count-down to next “Long Night Against Procrastination” on March 5, 2015 is on #lndah #writein

Katrin Girgensohn, Writing Center Academic Director of the writing center at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder (located on the border with Poland) is currently also the chair of the European Writing Centers Association (EWCA). She and Daniel Spielmann, webmaster for the website “Long Night against Procrastination,” provided information about this event for this blog. The event mirrors the #InternationalWriteIn that successfully took place last December 4-9, 2014. Organized by over 22 small liberal arts college writing programs and the writing centers consortium, these campuses hosted an International Write-In between the end of classes and beginning of exams.

The first writing center event called “Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten” took place at the writing center at European University Viadrina in 2010. In 2011 six more writing centers in Germany joined and in 2012 the event became international, with writing centers in the USA participating. This year organizers are hoping that they might twitter #lndahhave writing centers from Iceland, Australia and Canada participating, too.

To connect all participating writing centers, the wordpress blog Long Night against Procrastination (Schreibnacht) was created in 2012. The hashtag: #lndah (lange nacht der aufgeschobenen hausarbeiten, which means “Long Night of Postponed Papers” but many writing centers use “Long Night against Procrastination” to advertise this event) initially linked posts on various social media.Starting this year, organizers are also promoting the hashtag #writein for especially international participants. Continue reading

International Peer Tutor Reading Group Announces Academic Text Talk #actexttalk

From Brandon Hardy, an instructor in the English Department of Middle Tennessee State University and a Peer Mentor in the University Writing Center:

My writing center colleagues and I would like to invite you to participate in our first Academic Text Talk (#actexttalk) at the end of January 2015, a monthly online event in which we will read and discuss important academic texts related to peer tutoring and the teaching of writing. Below you’ll find the link to the text we would like to discuss starting January 28th, within our Google+ Community called “International Peer Tutoring.” The link to the community is also provided below. For more information, please read the official announcement below the links for details. We look forward to chatting with you about scholarship that continues to revitalize the writing center field! Quick links:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.59.31 PM“International Peer Tutoring,” a Google+ Community

Annett, Nancy: “Collaboration and the Peer Tutor: Characteristics, Constraints, and Ethical Considerations”

Here is how it works:

Announcement of the first Academic Text Talk (#actexttalk) We are really glad to announce to you the start of the Academic Text Talk, which promotes the reading of academic texts, discussing them together, and benefiting from this process with new experiences and knowledge. This project also advocates connecting across borders and developing an international community of people who are interested in writing theory and especially peer tutoring (everyone interested in or working with this concept is welcome).

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