From Muriel Harris, Editor-in-Chief of WLN:

Interested in writing for publication? If so and if you attended any of WLN’s Zoom sessions on publishing in WLN, we hope the sessions helped.

But among the queries we get (and we, of course, welcome initial queries), are some from people who wonder what to write about. A very recent query I got about writing for WLN was one that might help you if you too are thinking about what you should write about for publication. The person who sent the query noted that initially a question had arisen in their tutor training course. The question, a good one—one I hope they explore—was about the author of one of their readings. We’ve since had some neat email exchanges that may become a WLN article (stay tuned).
So my suggestion is that if you’re mulling over what you want to write about, consider questions that arise in tutor training classes and questions from tutors that need thought and perhaps research to answer. When you realize that a quick answer isn’t adequate, then it could be one you can pursue. Those are exactly the kinds of articles WLN welcomes! They are the real ones, and they need answers.
If your tutors are interested in writing for publication, they too can explore questions their students ask that need extended answers. In the case of WLN, that would be for our regular Tutors’ Column—see the open-access “archives” on our website for examples and our guidelines in the “submit” section). But I should note that some of the best Tutors’ Columns in WLN have been ones that tutors write about what they learned or experienced as tutors.

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