RSA Summer Institute 2023

May 22-27

Pennsylvania State University, University Park


Seminars, May 22-25 

  1. Decolonizing Comparative Global Rhetorics (LuMing Mao, Romeo García, and Hua Zhu)
  2. Revisiting Cold War Rhetorics (David Zarefsky and Allison Prasch)
  3. Rhetorical Listening in Action: Negotiating Troubled Identifications in Troubled Times (Krista Ratcliffe, Kyle Jensen, and Jessica Rivera-Mueller)
  4. Poiesies of the Future: The Transdisciplinarity of Climate Change, Migration, and Land-Based Ethics (Ralph Cintron, Michelle Hall Kells, Caroline Gottschalk Druschke, and Donnie J. Sackey)
  5. Graphic Medicine and the Rhetoric of Health (Blake Scott, Catherine Gouge, and KC Councilor)
  6. CounterTheory: Storying Race, Gender, and Disability in Rhetorics of Resistance (Aja Martinez, Jo Hsu, and Vani Kannan)
  7. Archival Methodologies Reimagined: Responding to Tomorrow’s Dilemmas (Ann George, Candace Epps-Robertson, and Tarez Graban)
  8. Transnationalism and New Rhetorics of Human Rights (Kundai Chirindo, Wendy Hesford, and Arabella Lyon)
  9. The Future is Feminist/Rhetoric (Kaitlyn Patia, Annie Hill, and Jacqueline Rhodes)

Plenary, May 25

Anjali Vats, University of Pittsburgh, on the topic of “race, politics, and the law.”

Workshops, May 25-27

  1. Establishing the Black Rhetorical Tradition: The Colored Conventions and African American Rhetoric in the 19th Century (Andre E. Johnson and Gabrielle Foreman)
  2. Asian/American Feminist Rhetorics and Intersectional Labor Politics (Jennifer Sano-Franchini and Terese Guinsatao Monberg)
  3. Narrative Methods for Material Rhetorics (Sonia Arellano and Dustin Edwards)
  4. Rhetorics of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design: Envisioning a Diversity Discourse of Technical and Professional Communication in Ever-Changing Global Contexts (Huatong Sun and Steve Fraiberg)
  5. Sound Characters (Karrieann Soto Vega, Rosa Eberly, Eric Detweiler, Jennifer Isasi)
  6. Creative Critical Work and Rhetorical Practice (Jacqueline Rhodes and Fiona (Freddie) Harris-Ramsby)
  7. Mobilizing Memory Studies: Activism, Inclusive Design, and Pedagogy (Will Kurlinkus and Lauren Obermark)
  8. Deliberation in the Classroom and Community (Pamela Conners and Sara Mehltretter Drury)
  9. Contingency, Doxa, and Rhetoric’s Pasts and Futures (Caddie Alford and Jordan Loveridge)
  10. Secrecy, Surveillance, and Settler Colonialism (Atilla Hallsby and Michael Lechuga)
  11. Material Feminisms and the Rhetoricity of Work (Michelle Smith and Sarah Hallenbeck)
  12. Writing & Rhetoric in Crisis, Containment, and Collective Action (Amy Lueck and Brice Nordquist)
  13. Queer(ing) Archival Imaginaries (Pamela Van Haitsma and Ames Hawkins)
  14. Rhetoric and Mindfulness (Jeremy Engels)
  15. Rhetorics for All (Brandon Inabinet and Maegan Parker Brooks)
  16. Rhetorical Education with the World on Fire (Amy Wan, Roxanne Mountford, Michael Steudeman)
  17. Disability Rhetorics: Science and Rhetoric Beyond the Norm (Shannon Walters and Jordynn Jack)
  18. Prophecy and Politics: Martin Luther King, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X, and White Fundamentalists (Bill FitzGerald and Keith D. Miller)
  19. Race, Speculation, Futurity (Matthew Houdek and Louis M. Maraj)
  20. Making a Career in Rhetoric (Denise Bostdorff and Stephanie Kerschbaum)
  21. The Art and Practice of Grant Writing (Debra Hawhee, Dave Tell, and S. Scott Graham)
  22. Turning the Dissertation into a Book (Allison Rowland and Sharon Yam)

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