We talked to Drs. Susan Lawrence and Terry Myers Zawacki about their edited collection Re/writing the Center: Approaches to Supporting Graduate Students in the Writing Center, published by Utah State University Press in 2019. For a sneak peek, check out a book review by Craig Medvecky on WLN Volume 45 Issue 5/6.

In our conversation, Susan and Terry highlighted some of the chapters in the edited collection and helped us rethink what it’s like to write at the graduate level and how to support graduate student writers in the writing center. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

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“Pedagogies that were developed in the context of undergrad writing centers that perhaps serve mainly monolingual writers - these pedagogies may not fully work for multilingual writers or graduate student writers. That’s what our introduction was about, sort of looking at some of those pedagogies and practices. And we wanted the book to interrogate those.” - Susan Lawrence; “What I see…is that faculty often say one thing but they accept a pretty broad diverse range of styles and different syntaxes from standard academic English. ” ---Terry Zawacki


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