In February 2023, the global writing research community will experience two back-to-back international conferences. The annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) will be taking place 15-18 February 2023 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (See information about the CCCC conference here). The sixth triennial Writing Research Across Borders (WRAB) conference will be taking place 18-22 February 2023, in Trondheim, Norway. (See information about the WRAB conference here.)

The International Researchers Consortium (IRC) is developing proposals to host a full-day international writing research workshop at each of these two wonderful events. We invite you to join us in Chicago or in Trondheim for a day of sharing and discussing writing research in progress with colleagues from around the world. The call here is for the 14th annual CCCC international writing research workshop.

We are inviting brief proposals for up to twenty-four researcher-participant roles. We seek proposals for studies about higher education writing around the world. By research, we mean a project with a focused research question, an identified methodology (qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, historical, discourse analysis, corpus, etc.), and the collection of data in some form. This research can be at any stage and does not need to be final. For the CCCC workshop, the project should be “international” for a largely U.S.-based audience, by which we mean, here, carried out either by scholars in countries other than the U.S. studying writing there, or scholars collaborating deeply across borders, including U.S. borders. The research can be focused on teaching or studying writing in any language, and can use data in any language. We are willing to help with translation of a text into English as needed, if the paper is accepted for the workshop.

Your role in the workshop would be to provide a draft text about the research by the end of November 2022, to read the other workshop facilitators’ texts before attending the conference, and to participate in the day-long workshop by leading a discussion about your project and participating in discussions of a subset of others’ projects.

We hope to engage researcher-participants from many countries and research traditions in an equal exchange dialogue, learning from each other: the primary focus is on the writing research itself. We know that researchers around the world are interested in finding sites for serious cross-national conversation that includes multiple research traditions. This workshop is designed to make space available for extended time to read, process, think through, and discuss in detail each other’s work.  We have seen, through offering similar workshops over the past 14 years, the benefits of these extended discussions, given that we inhabit many roles of differing discursive power across complex, multiple linguistic, institutional, political, geographic, theoretical and pedagogical spaces. This full day space permits us to get rich feedback on our own projects-in-process, as well as respond to each other’s work and understand other institutional, cultural, and political contexts. It is also a chance to include each other in our respective local contexts as a community, encouraging collective reflection on the nature and status of higher education writing research more broadly, and sponsoring collaboration as a network of writing scholars across these contexts. Here is a link to previous workshops. 

We invite you to submit a brief proposal that describes a research project (in process or recently completed) that you would be interested in sharing with other facilitators and participants. This proposal should briefly explain your project and its goals and methods, then how you currently see your research fitting into a network of writing researchers. In other words, what connections do you expect to see with other kinds of research, and what do you think researchers from other contexts might learn from your study? When appropriate, describe what kind of audience, scholarly journal, or professional audience might be interested in your research.

After we’ve collected the brief project proposals, we’ll incorporate them into a draft of a full proposal for the workshop, which we will share with all potential workshop participants for comment before submitting it to the CCCC.

Please submit your proposal by May 26 via this form. Apologies for the tight turnaround time, but the requested information should not take you more than 30-45 minutes to complete. This proposal can be quite informal (it serves to help us determine appropriate projects, and only the title will appear in the program), so please feel free to send something along without a laborious process. Do keep a copy for yourself, as the survey collector will not send a copy back to you.

Please write with any questions at all

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