We spoke with Dr. Noreen Lape in September 2021 about her book Internationalizing the Writing Center: A Guide for Developing a Multilingual Writing Center, published by Parlor Press in 2020. Lape is Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and directs the Writing Program/Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center at Dickinson College, which offers writing tutoring in eleven languages.

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“In a writing center where we’re combining cultural traditions of writing, it’s like a living laboratory for me. And issues that come up like that - it’s just a place where they can rise up to the surface.” “When it comes to recruiting for diversity, sometimes it’s even more complicated. Sometimes I’m thinking diversity - we need more science students in the English writing center. We need more students of color, or LGBTQ students. Other times, we need more international students who are working with writers in English. We need more domestic students who’ve studied abroad.”


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