Prefacing the next Dear CWCAB, we present you “Making Assignment Prompts More Effective: Can Writing Center Tutors Help?” from WLN May/June 2020 Issue. The co-authors, Erin Zimmerman and Emma Moghabghab, shared with us two WAC/WID projects: one focused on training tutors in preparation for collaboration with instructors, and the other in which tutors and instructors collaborated on revising assignment prompts.

Click here to read “Making Assignment Prompts More Effective: Can Writing Center Tutors Help?”.

Here’s an update from the authors on May 4, 2022:

It is hard to believe that we conducted this project less than four years ago considering how much has changed since then. In Spring 2019, a staff restructuring meant that Emma had to step down from her position as assistant director; in Fall 2019, the Lebanese people staged an 11-week protest in what has become known as the October 17 Revolution. In Spring 2020, the Lebanese economy started to crash and two months later the country was shut down from concerns over COVID-19, effectively moving all AUB courses into remote spaces. In Summer 2020, the country reopened, Erin flew out to start a job directing the Writing Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and on August 4, the Beirut port explosion damaged much of the city, including several AUB buildings. In Summer 2021, Emma finished her coursework and went on to the dissertation stage in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD program.

“Even with so much happening in our lives and around the world, we are both proud of the work we did training tutors to work with instructors on assignment prompts. At UNLV, Erin is currently revising and enhancing the training for new tutors and will build in topics related to reading assignment prompts. Once these new processes are in place, her plan is to collaborate with UNLV’s Faculty Center to organize similar workshops to those we held at AUB. Nearly every week a tutor mentions an unclear assignment prompt that a student brought in. We know better than most how much anxiety that causes for students and the difficult position it puts tutors in. Though neither of us are still involved with AUB’s Writing Center, Amy Zenger and Todd Campbell have continued to hire and train stellar multilingual writing tutors and develop programs that support students and instructors across the university.“

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