Hi there. Season 3 is here! Our theme for this season is conversations around books and/or edited collections. We recorded with Noreen Lape, Joe Essid and Brian McTague, and Susan Lawrence and Terry Myers Zawacki in Fall 2021. Our topics range from multilingual writing centers, to writing center at the center of change, and to approaches to support graduate students in the writing center. Since we’re releasing the episodes all at once, feel free to start listening to any of them. Let’s slow down, listen, and dialog.

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Music credit: “Wind Down”. Recorded by Podcast.Co from the album Keep Calm and Podcast. Downloaded from https://www.podcast.co/music and https://pod.co/keep-calm-and-podcast


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The “Slow Agency” Podcast

Created and hosted by your CWCAB editors, the goal of this podcast is to open up time and space in this productivity-saturated culture to slow down and dialogue with leading thinkers and practitioners in writing studies worldwide. The title of the podcast is inspired by Micciche, L. (2011) For slow agency. Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, 35 (1), 73-90. Our inaugural episode features WLN’s journal editors whose wisdom and hard work make this journal and the blog possible.

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