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In this episode, we invited Dr. Jose Lai and Dr. Allen Ho, who introduced the Peer Tutoring Scheme as part of their English Across the Curriculum effort at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For those who are in the process of conceptualizing, starting, or implementing WAC/EAC initiatives in your institution, we hope you find this episode inspiring! To learn more about the Peer Tutoring Scheme, check out our latest global spotlight piece written by Dr. Lai.

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Lai, J., Ng, E., Man, L., & Rozendaal, C. (2020). Chapter 13. English across the curriculum collaborative projects: A flexible community of practice model at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In Lesley E. Bartlett, S. L. Tarabochia, A. R. Olinger, & M. J. Marshall (Eds.), Diverse approaches to teaching, learning, and writing across the curriculum: IWAC at 25 (pp. 225-249). WAC Clearinghouse.

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