Like the other books and journals available through the Clearinghouse (, this is an open-access publication available in PDF and ePub formats. It appears in the International Exchanges on the Study of Writing book series, edited by Joan Mullin, Magnus Gustafsson, Terry Myers Zawacki, and Federico Navarro.


Emerging Writing Research from the Russian Federation

Edited by L. Ashley Squires

In the early 2010s, Russian institutions of higher education began responding to the need to internationalize Russian academia through faculty publications and academic mobility programs. The promotion of academic writing courses and writing centers based on international models has been a critical part of that effort, leading to the rapid growth of a field of teaching and scholarship that had not received much attention. This book explores the rationale for importing and adapting international models of academic writing and rhetoric and composition, the role of the English and Russian languages in the development of this field, and the specific needs of faculty and student writers in Russia. This collection will be of interest to scholars investigating the internationalization of higher education, the role of English in the international dissemination of research, and programs developed specifically for multilingual faculty writers.

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