inoue new book coverDescription. In Above The Well, Asao Inoue explores race, language, and literacy education through a combination of scholarship, personal history, and even a bit of fiction. Inoue comes to terms with his own languaging practices in his upbringing and schooling, while also arguing that there are racist aspects to English language standards promoted in schools and civic life. His discussion includes the ways students and everyone in society are judged by and through tacit racialized languaging, which he labels White language supremacy and which he argues contributes to racialized violence in the world today. It is available at

A Note About Sales of this Book. This book is being released under a special arrangement with the author. All proceeds generated by the Clearinghouse and all author royalties from sales of this book will be donated to an endowed fund supporting antiracist teaching and social justice in secondary and postsecondary education established by the author and his wife with the Oregon State University Foundation. To learn more about the Asao and Kelly Inoue Antiracist Teaching Endowment, visit the endowment update page ( and the author’s announcement of the endowment on his website ( Within three years after the release of the book, it will be available in full on this site in open-access formats.