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English Across the Curriculum: Voices from Around the World

Edited by Bruce Morrison, Julia Chen, Linda Lin, and Alan Urmston

english across the curriculum coverInspired by papers presented at the second international English Across the Curriculum (EAC) conference, this book provides a platform for those involved in the EAC movement to exchange insights, explore new strategies and directions, and share experiences. It speaks not only to EAC practitioners but also to scholars in a range of related fields, whether they are considering starting an EAC-like initiative or are already involved in an established EAC, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), or Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. The chapters in the book testify to challenges faced, opportunities presented, and a passion displayed for embedding academic English literacy in courses in a range of disciplines at institutions around the world. They also highlight the persistence and determination of teachers in creating and shaping valuable learning experiences and ongoing support for their students.

This book, like the other books and journals available through the WAC Clearinghouse, is an open-access publication available in PDF and ePub formats. It appears in the International Exchanges on the Study of Writing book series, which is edited by Joan Mullin, Terry Myers Zawacki, Magnus Gustafsson, and Federico Navarro.

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