Wellness DEC coverWe are pleased to announce the release of WLN’s newest Digital Edited Collection. Wellness and Care in Writing Center Work, an open-access collection edited by Genie Giaimo, offers a wide-ranging set of pedagogical and scholarly chapters on wellness explored through labor studies, social movements, anti-racism, psychology, organizational theory, critical theory, and lived experience. Chapters focus on ​social justice approaches to wellness and care in writing center work, imposter syndrome, workplace stress, emotional labor, emotional intelligence, motivational interviewing, and conducting site-specific wellness research​. In addition, there is a chapter on how to apply foundational principles of community wellness in the writing center. Each chapter offers questions for discussion to engage staff in further dialogue and can be useful for tutor education programs. This collection benefits writing center administrators​, tutors, and anyone interested in a critical examination of how wellness and care are discussed​, researched, and​ practiced in the field.
Wellness and Care in Writing Center Work can be accessed here: https://ship.pressbooks.pub/writingcentersandwellness/
Questions about this collection or the Press Books template can be addressed to Genie Giaimo at <ggiaimo@middlebury.edu>

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