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The beginning of a new year is often the time when we resolve to improve an area of our lives or commit to venture into exciting projects. Though we all may have left 2020 and the past few weeks a bit weary with the toll it has inflicted on us emotionally, physically, and professionally, 2021 seems to offer hope for overcoming the pandemic and restoring more normalcy, balance, and joy back into the everyday. With this spirit of hopefulness and vision for opportunity, the WLN editorial staff invites guest editors to propose thematic special issues, Digital Edited Collections (DECs), or both.

Special issue editors write a proposal for a particular topic, select promising proposals, and work with authors to develop articles that can be published for a WLN issue. When special issues editors receive more proposals than a four-article issue can publish, guest editors can consider developing a DEC, although a DEC can be proposed separately from a special issue. DECs are chapters focused on a central theme, composed by writing center scholars, and reviewed by outside readers. As open-access collections offered on digital platforms, DECs expand opportunities not possible through printed texts. Digital affordances allow DEC authors to create interactive texts that include links, videos, podcasts, and multimodal documents that enrich readers’ experiences and learning.

What are some possible ideas for special issues and/or DECs?

  • Post-pandemic Writing Centers: How has your writing center changed? What values or practices have become stronger? What will you do differently?
  • Professional Development: How are you developing your tutors professionally? How do you ensure your own professional development? Have your professional development priorities recently shifted, and if so, what has that impact been?
  • Tutor Education: What education practices would you like to share? How do you know your practices are effective? How have your tutor education practices improved and why?
  • Assessment: How does your center assess your work? How did you prepare for regional accreditation? How do you engage your tutors in assessment?
  • Team Building: How do you encourage collaboration and team building between tutors? How do you ensure you are connected with your staff? How do you know your team building practices are working?

Please keep in mind that these are just a few of the many topics you can propose. We invite innovative, creative ideas. If you’re interested in the possibility of guest editing either a special issue, a DEC, or both, contact Muriel Harris ( to discuss your proposal.

Muriel Harris, Julia Bleakney, Elizabeth Foster, Lee Ann Glowzenski, Karen Johnson, and Ted Roggenbuck
Writing Lab Newsletter: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship

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