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Have We Arrived? Revisiting and Rethinking Responsibility in Writing Center Work: The Need for Transformative Listening and Mindfulness of Difference, Special Summer 2021 Issue, Praxis

The deadline for consideration in this special issue is Jan 15, 2021.

We aim to explore the two questions above in this special issue of Praxis. How might we re-envision the writing center as a haunt(ed/ing) and wound(ed/ing) place, and re-envision writing center narratives under a lens of responsibility and a ‘reckoning with inheritance, dwellings, and haunting’? What new stories might we gain through transformative listening and a more thorough understanding of what the work might entail for those invested in social justice and anti-racist work?

Submissions might explore, but are not limited to, the following questions and topics:

  • What might accountability and responsibility look like for WC directors, administrators, tutors, and other WC staff, particularly those invested in social justice work? How do white WC professionals move beyond the metaphorical work of allyship and account for their own privilege as they do social justice work?

  • How might those in positions of power and privilege (ie., white writing center directors) give up space in their WC missions and agendas, particularly those invested in social justice work, for POC scholars/administrators/tutors? How do those in power do the work so that they do not exhaust those at the margins of writing center communities?

  • Exploring the idea of arrival, what does it mean to “arrive” in the writing center and how can the WC community reconcile with past histories of regulation and policing in order to advocate for structural and institutional change?

  • What might transformative listening look like in writing center work? How can we work towards mindfully incorporating transformative listening in our pedagogies and practices?

  • How can WCs move from “white centers” to “centers of becoming”? What does this look like?  How can WC practitioners and workers and the students that we meet work and learn from difference in their sessions? How can we foster a “mindfulness of difference” in writing centers?

  • Utilizing decolonial theory and addressing the colonial histories of Mexican-Americans in the LRGV, Garcia asks that we train our consultants to be decolonial agents in our spaces, understanding our local histories and ways in which white people continue to dominate both institutional and societal communities, in order to participate in social justice work. In what ways can WC professionals educate consultants to become decolonial agents? In what ways can WC professionals educate themselves to become decolonial agents?

  • In what ways do writing center staffing practices, hiring decisions, university partnerships, policies, and procedures perpetuate and/or disrupt larger and local systems of domination and structural difference?

For this issue, the recommended article length is 6000-8000 words for focus articles; the editors will also consider shorter pieces as columns, as well as book reviews. Articles should conform to MLA style. While we strongly encourage members of SCWCA to consider applying, this call is open to the entire writing center community (and beyond) and all articles will undergo the peer review process. We are especially interested in featuring contributions and work from BIPOC scholars, those at HBCUs, HSIs, MSIs, and two-year colleges, and graduate and undergraduate tutors and students. Please submit articles to praxisuwc@gmail.com. The subject of your submission email should say “Special Issue SU21 Submission.” Please also review the “Instructions for Authors” page available on the Praxis website before submitting.

For further information about submitting an article, the blind peer-review process, or to contact the editors of this special issue, please email: Romeo García (romeo.garcia@utah.edu) and/or Anna Sicari (anna.sicari@okstate.edu). 

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