Editor’s note: thanks to Maureen McBride who has kindly shared with us this extended call for proposal for the Virtual TutorCon 2021.
We are extending the deadline to submit proposals for TutorCon 2021 until January 29th, 2021. Responses will be sent out by February 12, 2021.


Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association

Virtual TutorCon 2021: Creating—Who We Are, What We Seek, and How We Help

Friday, March 5th & Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Hosted by the University of Nevada, Reno Writing & Speaking Center

Conference Theme

In this new world of COVID-19, masks, social movements, and Zoom appointments, we ask ourselves as writing consultants/tutors, writing center administrators, theorists, and practitioners several questions: Who are we?  Who do we want to be?  How do we help? What does “help” look like for us?

At the edge of a new frontier for writing support and as modern-day pioneers, we must decide what we want our identities to be, what principles will guide us, and what we want our actions to be moving forward.  So, TutorCon 2021, invites proposals for individual presentations, workshops, round table discussions, group games, and gallery submissions that address how you and/or your center are creating who you are, what you seek, and how you help.

While TutorCon 2021 will be held virtually, we implore you to see that as an opportunity rather than as a constraint.  Let’s push the boundaries of online interactions!

Types of Conference Submissions

Creativity in conceptualizing, planning, and delivering is welcomed, as well as dreaming big and being descriptive about your presentation. Types of conference submissions may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following listed below.

  • Individual presentations (25-minute sessions to include presentation and Q&A)
  • Workshops (75 minutes)
  • Round table discussions (50 minutes)
  • Group games (20-80 minutes)
  • Gallery submissions, such as recorded poster presentations, short films, recorded meditations, recorded writing center overviews.

Proposals accepted until January 29, 2021.

Proposal responses will be sent out by February 12, 2021.

Presenters will need to register for TutorCon2021 and pay any associated fees.

TutorCon 2021 fees are as follows:

  • $5 for RMWCA members
  • $10 for non-member students
  • $15 for non-member professionals

Please visit our conference website for more information and the submission portal: https://www.tutorcon2021.com

Contact Information

For more information about this conference, please contact Maureen McBride, 775-682-7845, mmcbride@unr.edu

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