Before the world turned upside down, it felt as though inspiration sought us out. It peered out from every street corner and crowded bus stop; it was written on the bare faces of people and embraced by our togetherness. However, that is far from our reality today. Instead, we now find ourselves in pursuit of it. What will be our next quarantine house project? When is the next socially distanced gathering? We are wired to seek out the next thing rather than accept the now. We write out to-do lists and fill out calendars oriented towards the future. Our focus on the next thing disassociates us from the present. This notion, embracing real-time events, is what has been inspiring me lately. While watching Jeopardy with my family, I let my dad’s voice echo inside my head, sensing the certainty in his voice as he answers the question. As I speak to my brother on the phone, I begin to embrace his fears of flunking out of graduate school, taking their weight on as if they were my own. I sense my stomach hurting from uncontrollable laughter after my mother and I accidentally broke our microwave. It is here, acknowledging the feelings of others around me, is when I feel inspired and wanting to act in response. I find myself noticing moments more deeply and sincerely. Now, having nothing to anticipate makes me all the more present in where I am today.

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  1. Esther December 22, 2020 at 11:15 am - Reply

    Thank you for this humbling reflection, Mackenzie.

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