Editor’s note: We would like to thank Jack Menya, Lead Peer Tutor from Daystar University, Nairobi (Kenya), for providing this piece. Interested in contributing to the Resilience Project at CWCAB? Go to our Submission Guidelines for more information.

Jack Menya (far left) and colleagues

The COVID-19 pandemic presented serious health, social and economic challenges world over, and more particularly for developing countries. Kenya has been hit hard on all these fronts. The indefinite closure of all institutions of learning as a measure towards curbing the spread of COVID-19 in Kenya meant reduced activity as a peer tutor for me. However, this situation presented me with more time to read and learn more around a myriad of subjects. As a peer tutor, having knowledge around diverse subjects makes even more interesting the task of tutoring.

I recently received quite inspiring phone calls. Two students from my University, part of some I had tutored during the semester ending May 2020, called me back, separately and on different occasions, to individually appreciate for the time and attention I accorded them in my online tutoring sessions. They disclosed how much they gained from the sessions, results which were reflected in their exemplary scores in their respective academic papers which they sort help with.

Face to face sessions between peer tutors and students has been replaced by virtual sessions, the latter which have offered opportunities to record sessions and share with the students we tutor. The videos of recorded tutoring sessions can be shared with students tutored, for possible future references. Knowing that work done today could be referred to days, by students, weeks, months and years later, has been inspirational during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Virtual sessions have created solutions which indeed transcend time.

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  1. Monicah Kiarie November 16, 2020 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    Wow!! it’s inspiring to know that the pandemic brought along some positivity with it.Great Piece Jack!👏👏

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