Editor’s note: We would like to thank Serine Jaafar, Instructor at Lebanese American University, Beirut (Lebanon), for providing this piece. Interested in contributing to the Resilience Project at CWCAB? Go to our Submission Guidelines for more information.

tutors from LAUAs the spring semester comes to an end, I cannot help but reflect on the challenges that Lebanon has faced this year: The October revolution, civil unrest, economic strife, and, more recently, the global COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges have undoubtedly taught us lessons in resilience.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have put an end to face-to-face tutoring sessions for the time being, it has certainly opened virtual doors that were previously unknown to us. The transition to online tutoring has not always been easy; however, we remain grateful to have been able to continue to provide online writing support to our community of writers. At times, our online sessions have encouraged students to reveal themselves in ways they would not have done in face-to-face sessions. Many have expressed common fears of an uncertain future. Their concerns, fears, and worries mirrored our own. Amid their concerns, we did the only thing we knew to do. We listened. We provided support. Our students, in turn, have also been our support. They have given meaning to our quarantine days. Together, we learnt that providing support extends beyond walls. In times like these, we have learnt that support is shown in being present for each other. Most importantly, our student writers have taught us that we need their presence as much as they need ours, particularly in the present circumstances.

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