Editor’s note: We would like to thank Monicah Kiarie from Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya for providing this piece. Interested in contributing to the Resilience Project at CWCAB? Go to our Submission Guidelines for more information.

                         Monicah Kiarie

Roughly six months after and I still can’t quench the thought of how airily we took everything for granted. Who would have thought a time as such would come? Times when tutoring one on one would no longer be par for the course, or even just sitting round that table at the speech center with my fellow tutors and laughing our hearts out from the absorbing conversations. The confinement is obnoxious—almost everything is amiss. I sure do miss seeing the before frustrated tutees grin like a Cheshire cat after a successful session. But you know what’s inspiring? The hope that has stayed alive all through, hope for a better tomorrow, that come hell or high water, we will ultimately come out of this “cage” and be on the loose again. Every other day has now become a learning day and just as H.Jackson Brown, jr. puts it “when you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails”, we are slowly accustoming our way of doing things to the new norm as we continue to hope for brighter days.

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