Editor’s note: We would like to thank Dr. Bonnie Devet, Director of the Writing Lab at the College of Charleston, Charleston (South Carolina), for providing this piece. Interested in contributing to the Resilience Project at CWCAB? Go to our Submission Guidelines for more information.

devetandconsultantsImagine it is six weeks ago, back in the halcyon days of offering f2f work in the WC. If you had told me then that shifting to only on-line consulting would be a boon, I honestly might not have believed it. Thanks to my consultants, though, I have been inspired. The consultants jumped right in, Zooming with clients, eager to help and to learn the new system. And being the sensitive, introspective souls that they are, they have been analyzing how using Zoom is similar but different from f2f, describing some fine distinctions so that both the consultants and I are learning even more about the fine art of being Writing Lab consultants. Introspection leading to knowledge…..thank you, Zoom.

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