Editor’s note: We would like to thank Maria Ziareski, from CAPA (Brazil), for providing this piece. Interested in contributing to the Resilience Project at CWCAB? Go to our Submission Guidelines > Tutor Voices for more information.

When the world was still going on as usual, inspiration came from varied sources. A contagious laugh, the atmosphere of a techno party, the enthusiasm of a new project, the adrenaline that came with meeting someone for the first time, a beautiful pair of blue eyes crossing the street. Little things of beauty. It isn’t that these things stopped being beautiful, but somewhere along the way of everything turning upside down the meaning they previously held dissolved in the air. Suddenly, finding inspiration became a twisted version of hide and seek, because I didn’t know where to look for it when feeling so lost and stuck. Not at first, at least. As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, inspiration started to slowly come — and it came from the future. The possibility of tomorrow, that is what has been inspiring me lately. The possibility of change, of new bonds, of second chances. The possibility of using all the transformation that is happening inside each and everyone of us to try again. Not knowing is scary, but it makes room for hope. Hope is still a beautiful thing. It didn’t dissolve in the air, it didn’t dissolve at all. There is more to come. As Seamus Heaney once said in a scenario that was also immersed in death and despair, “if we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere”. I think he might have been on to something.

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