MENAWCA flyerYour writing center could be preparing for an online tutoring experience in the next academic year.

On August 11th 2020 at 4-5PM (GMT), the Middle East-North Africa Writing Centers Alliance (MENAWCA) will hold another COVID-19 discussion to talk about Asynchronous and Synchronous Sessions.

MENAWCA President Ryan McDonald describes these sessions as such: “Synchronous sessions can include any tutoring that is happening ‘live’ – which could be anything from a  video or audio session to a tutor and tutee working simultaneously on a Google Doc. Asynchronous sessions generally see a paper submission with feedback returning to the student within a set time period (generally 24 hours). Both methods have their own challenges and potential.” (R. McDonald, personal communication, August 3, 2020).

You can still register for the event by following this link. Learn more about MENAWCA by visiting their website.


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