…while we often take 15 minutes for a self-care/wellness break at the end of each session, consultants also record session notes. However, I have seen many consultants go over the scheduled 45 minutes because the client needed more support. So, one of the three legs (wellness/self-care, reportage, client need) of this end-of-session trifecta has to give. Often, the leg that gives out is the self-care portion.

–Giaimo’s observations about her writing center.

Editor’s note: Please enjoy Genie Giaimo’s, Ph.D interview in “Working Towards a Trifecta: A WLN Special Issue on Wellness and Self-Care” .

Former CWCAB editor, Brian Hotson, interviewed Giaimo to talk about wellness in the writing center and WLN’s Special Issue on Wellness and Self-Care.

This interview is timely given our current situation, and we hope to follow up with the issue’s editors and authors for insights given our current situation.

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