Please welcome to the blog our new associate editor for Europe, Dr. Stephanie Dreyfürst – editor.


Dr. Stephanie Dreyfürst, Director, Academic Writing Center,
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

I became interested in genre during my studies of German literature of the early Enlightenment period and have been doing research about historical genres as part of my job as director of the Writing Center at Frankfurt’s Goethe university.

Stephanie Dreyfürst

I began working in the writing center universe during my PhD in 2009 when I had the honour to open up the first German speaking writing center at this institution. In 2018, I founded the (now English speaking) Academic Writing Center at Frankfurt.

Combining historical topics with current phenomena is one of my favorite things and I am happy to be able to do take a closer look at both every once in a while. At the moment I am working closely with experts for the visualization of data – we are developing a software that will be able to show how the acquisition of writing skills works over time.

I see Writing Centers as a space for creativity and for the exploration of new ideas. As an enthusiastic member of EATAW, I strongly believe in the benefits that we as a group are able to create through shared ideas, values, and goals.


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  1. Hannah Jackson February 9, 2019 at 7:13 am

    Thanks, I love to read blogs related to Academic Writing, I appreciate it for sharing.

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