Please welcome to the blog our new associate editor for Asia, Lingshan Song – editor.


Lingshan Song, Assistant Director, Writing Center
Mississippi College

Lingshan Song

Lingshan is the assistant director of the Writing Center at Mississippi College (MC). She also teaches freshmen composition courses and the tutor training course at MC. Her research interests include writing center theory and practice, ESL tutoring, and cultural studies. Currently she has been a strong advocate for advancing writing center movement in China and connecting writing center professionals from China and US. Lingshan also serves as Outreach Coordinator on the Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA) board, TESOL Representative for the Association of Christians in Writing Centers (ACWC), and Oversea Representative for the Writing Center Association of China (WCAC).

As a native Chinese, Lingshan is trilingual (Mandarin, English, and Fuzhou Dialect). She enjoys reading, writing, teaching, travelling, making friends from different countries, and exploring diverse cultures. She feels honored to join the WLN editor team this year and very much looking forward to contributing to the community that seeks to connect writing centers across borders.

Some stories she’s working on

I am planning to run two stories on visiting scholars who are currently in the U.S., learning about writing center theory and practice, one story from visiting scholar’s perspective, the other from the US hosting institution’s perspective.

I would also like to invite writing center professionals from China to share their experience in starting an English writing center in a country where English is not the native language. Around March 2019, I will write up a post to promote the second International Symposium on English Writing Centers in China. I also know two doctoral students who quit their writing center director position in China and come to the U.S. to pursue a PhD degree in Rhetoric and Compositions.  I’m planning to invite them to write a piece to share their stories and their insights on similarities and differences among writing center models.

In short, I’m hoping to share stories to connect writing centers and writing center professionals from China and other countries.


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