Music || Stamp+Ink: Writing Center fundraiser, IWCA Conference, Friday, October 12, 7-8pm

A few years ago, Scott Whiddon (Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication, Transylvania University) and Graham Stowe (Assistant Professor of English, Canisius College) became friends because of writing centers and a shared love of music.  Both are songwriters, guitar players, active musicians, and writing center directors. For the past few years, they’ve played various writing center gatherings as Stamp+Ink, performing at spaces such as The Carson McCullers Center (Columbus, GA), the Burns-Belfry Museum (Oxford, MS), and Gallery 5 (Richmond, VA).  Along the way, Whiddon and Stowe recorded a digital album called Beautiful Scenes and are releasing it as a fundraiser for undergraduate and graduate student scholarships.

Recorded on minimal equipment in hotel rooms, conference sites, and basements across the US, Beautiful Scenes draws on subjects such as teenage wonder, a love of rocknroll, and memories of music venues in Charlotte, NC in the 1990s—with influences ranging from Jason Molina and Red House Painters to the Mountain Goats and Wilco. The record was mixed by John Ferguson (of Apples in Stereo/Big Fresh/Desperate Spirits Records) and mastered by Dr. Jim Gleason (Eastern Kentucky University).

The album will be available on the usual streaming services for free. The record is also available for purchase, at any cost you wish, at these links:

All proceeds from digital sales are donated to the Southeastern Writing Center Association Waldrep Scholarship, which supports undergraduates and graduate students for conference travel.

Stamp+Ink will also be playing a seated, quiet show to celebrate the release of the record (and to kick off their fundraising drive) at the International Writing Center Association Conference, from 7-8pm, on Friday, October 12.  Free; all ages welcome.

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