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Hilmar Klaus Luckhoff

About the author: I am a junior writing consultant at the Stellenbosch University (US) Language Centre. I also work as an independent medical writer, and am pursuing my PhD in Psychiatry at SU. I obtained my MBChB, MPath (cum laude), and HonsBSc (pathology) (cum laude) degrees all from Stellenbosch.

I am classically trained, and therefore rose to this challenge to produce a conceptual piece of meta-fiction in the style of a madrigal for two voices which can be performed by the consultant and consultee (fingers crossed). While I focus on professional writing and academic writing, I still have a keen need and interest in giving expression to my creative side. In this setting, I enjoy producing contextually laden, highly symbolic and deeply metaphorical/allegorical works which combine imagery, writing, spoken word and music in a unique and novel manner. There is significant room for the reader to explore the text in terms of their own experience in interpreting elements which were intentionally left vague, yet part of an internally consistent textual product.

The two voices in the attached work refer, in one level, to the writing process, and the balance between inspiration and the act of writing. There is specific emphasis on the melodic performance of these pieces according to indication, and, indeed, the entire text can be performed. In particular, there is focus on the polyphonic harmony which arises when both voices sing concurrently. This counterpoint reflects my interest in fugal elements and the music of JS Bach. I also draw inspiration from the study of comparative religion, modernist classical music, and philosophy of mind.


  1. Marc van Sittert May 11, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Excellent and inspiring work! Kudos!

  2. Rose Richards May 17, 2017 at 5:23 am

    What a lovely surprise!

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