WLN News Round-Up: April 11-24

Here’s some of what has been on the WLN news radar lately:

Special announcement!: The Writing Centre at the University of British Columbia was facing closure, but student efforts have succeeded in keeping the Centre open. You can check out our initial post on the UBC closure here and our interview with tutor Cole Klassen here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.06.48 PM

“Streamlining Citations”-  The Modern Language Association is releasing the 8th Edition of the MLA Handbook this month. This article explains some of the major changes and the motivation behind them. Notably, the new edition will include a digital style center. [Inside Higher Ed]

“Is Online Tutoring the Future of Personalized Learning?”- This article discusses the advantages that students who have access to one-on-one learning gain and suggests that online tutoring could be a way to give more students access to personalized learning. While this article focuses on how private companies rather than colleges and universities can leverage online tutoring, it raises important questions about access to educational resources. [EdSurge]

“11 Podcasts for Poetry Lovers”- April is National Poetry Month in the United States! You can celebrate by checking out one of the podcasts in this list. [Book Riot]

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