WLN News Round-Up: February 15-28

Happy International Writing Centers Week! To celebrate IWCW, staff members from the University of Louisville Writing Center share their favorite parts of writing center work. [UofLWritingCenter]

One tutor, Alex, said,

“Collaborations with writers on resumes, personal statements, and cover letters are my favorite moments as a writing center consultant. There are few moments more nerve-wracking in a person’s life than job or program applications, and I aim to do everything I can to soothe nerves and help writers put their best foot forward.”

Stay tuned for more posts on the blog about International Writing Centers Week, and let us know what your Writing Center is doing to celebrate in the comments!

Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed

Practice self-care to avoid burn out. Though this post focuses on self-care tips for graduate students, anyone within higher education can benefit from a self-care routine. [Inside Higher Ed]

Is there a connection between doodling and writing? This post outlines several learning styles and provides ample links to resources about them. The author, Veronica Oliver, suggests that explicit understanding of your learning style can lead to improved prewriting and drafting. [Walden University Writing Center]

3 thoughts on “WLN News Round-Up: February 15-28

  1. Greetings from the Walden U Writing Center. Thanks for spotlighting Veronica’s blog post on learning styles. We hope the links and resources will helpful to those learning more about their own best practices for learning.
    We had an editing hiccup, however, and Veronica’s last name was incorrectly listed. The post now reflects this, but Veronica’s last name is not Gilbert. It’s Oliver. But you can see how we might make that mistake, right?
    Thanks for rounding up these links, Amber and the entire WLN!

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