CFP: Second Conference on Latin American Writing Centers and Programs

October 28th and 29th of 2015-Universidad de los Andes-Bogotá, Colombia

A student ́s admission to a university represents an immersion into a context filled with new objectives, goals, rules, and methods. As part of this process, it is fundamental to be able to understand the ideas of others as well as be able to transmit one ́s own. This allows students to actively engage in an academic community through an intellectual discussion that is based on specific criteria. In this scenario, writing becomes a privileged tool in order to learn and evidence the central comprehensions in every academic discipline. Thus, the role of writing centers and programs is focused on assisting the communicative processes of the university community, so that its members can effectively participate in academic life. Within this purpose, the support that can be provided in order to aid student retention at the college level is essential.

With the intention of generating a space that fosters sharing and discussion with respect to the role of writing in the academic development of university students, the Latin American Network of Writing Centers and Programs (Red Latinoamericana de Centros y Programas de Escritura) invites all involved in this type of initiatives at the college level to participate in its second conference, which will take place October 28th and 29th at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. In particular, we are interested in discussing retention strategies that arise from writing centers and programs. Thus, we seek proposals directly related to this issue or to the following topics:

  •  Contributions that writing centers and programs make towards student retention
  • Writing courses as a retention strategy
  • Training of writing tutors
  • The role of tutoring sessions in academic literacy
  • Peer observation in writing centers and programs
  • Support given to professors of different disciplines by writing centers and programs
  • The assessment of the goals established by writing centers and programs
  • Research initiatives in writing centers and programs
  • Bilingualism as a viable option within writing centers and programs

Submission of proposals and papers

We invite directors, coordinators, professors, and tutors of writing centers and programs to submit 300 word proposals (Times New Roman 12, double spaced) in which the main aspects to be presented in the conference are synthetized (objectives, theoretical framework and/or methodology, results, and conclusions). 
The conference offers three forms of presenting:

  1. Individual presentations: 20 minute paper presentations
  2. Panel discussions: groups of four presenters with a similar topic of discussion. Each 
presenter will have 20 minutes for his/her paper.
  3. Workshops: 30 minute interactive presentations of an educational experience or 
innovation related to a writing center or program.

Presentations in English are permitted. Translation will be available. The conference also contemplates the option of participating as an attendee without presenting.

Please send your proposal to no later than April 30th 2015. Please include in the content of your email the following: name of author(s), academic affiliation, and topic of the presentation.

Acceptance emails will be sent by June 1st. After this date, information will be provided regarding registration instructions for the conference, as well as guidelines for the paper to be presented. Registration for the conference will occur from June 6th to July 10th. Selected proposals will be published as papers in the conference proceedings (electronic publication) as long as they are sent by August 3rd to

Registration fees:

Directors of writing centers and programs: $130.000 Colombian pesos / US$52
University professors: $130.000 Colombian pesos / US$52
Writing center or program tutors: $65.000 Colombian pesos / US$26

1 thought on “CFP: Second Conference on Latin American Writing Centers and Programs

  1. Excellent project. We have been working on establishing a WC at Universidad Pedagogica in Honduras and trully would like to participate in any latin American initiatives that have to do with writing center work. As soon as I get back home from a WC conference at SIUC, I will start preparig a proposal to present at your Conference.

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Gloria Ulloa
    Universidad Pedagogica
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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