Call for Proposals:  Nov/Dec 2015 Special Issue of WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship  (our name change starts with Vol. 40.1, Sept. 2015)

Guest edited by

• Susan Lawrence, Director, George Mason University Writing Center

• Terry Zawacki, Director Emerita, George Mason University Writing Center

Supporting Graduate Student Thesis and Dissertation Writers in the Writing Center

 Writing centers are key participants in increasingly vigorous campus conversations focused on improving graduate student completion rates and time to degree, and the role writing might play in both. As sites of graduate writing support, however, we are aware of our possible limitations: the paradigmatic writing tutorial accommodates papers much shorter than the typical thesis or dissertation chapter, and effective collaboration and feedback on these projects call for disciplinary and research expertise that tutors may not share with advanced graduate student writers. Yet graduate students continue to call on us for assistance, and, in response, writing centers have developed an array of programs and strategies for providing writing support, as evidenced by recent scholarship on dissertation boot camps (Lee and Golde, Simpson, Powers), graduate writing groups (Phillips), and graduate fellows programs (Gillespie, Heiderecht, and Lamascus).

For this special issue, we invite proposals for articles up to 3000 words that explore, reflect on, or report on the programs and strategies by which writing centers support graduate student writers working on theses and dissertations. We welcome articles that demonstrate an awareness of writing center scholarship in practice and that address 

·      •  Tutoring as well as other models of graduate writing support focused on thesis and dissertation writing

·      • Curricula for training tutors to work with graduate student thesis and dissertation writers

·      •  Specific strategies for working in tutoring or consulting sessions with thesis and dissertation writers

·      •  Programs and strategies for supporting multilingual graduate student thesis and dissertation writers

·      •  Programs and strategies for supporting graduate student thesis and dissertation writers in specific disciplines

·      •  The institutional arrangements by which we provide this support, for example, independent graduate writing centers vs. incorporating graduate support programs into existing centers

 Given the reach of WLN (soon to be WCS), we are also eager to receive proposals that address writing center contexts outside of the U.S.

Proposals will be accepted though January 5, 2015.

Invitations to submit full articles will be issued by January 19, 2015.

Manuscripts will be due on April 13,  2015.

Proposal format: Please submit a 150 – 200 word proposal explaining the topic, background scholarship and/or your own research on the topic, and your plans for structuring a 3000-word article on this important topic. Send the proposal to Susan Lawrence ( and Terry Zawacki ( Please provide full contact information with your submission.



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