Informal writing centers?

Dear friends,
Greetings from Japan. I’ve been managing an informal writing center at my university for ten years now, and I wonder if there are others who have informal WCs.
In my center I have the following guidelines:

  1. For WC service, clients must have completed at least one of my 2 semester long academic writing courses.
  2. Clients must have at least one paper which is a near fit to their own topic and which is well-written (vetted earlier by me).
  3. Clients must be ready for multiple iterations of 2 page chunks of the paper, with coded feedback. If they are not interested in my mentoring, I refer them to satisfactory local editors (relatively cheap and fast).

So, are there some other informal WCs out there?
Lawrie Hunter
Kochi University of Technology

1 thought on “Informal writing centers?

  1. Hi Lawrie, just checking to see if you’ve heard about the writing center conference in Japan in April. Yes? No? I edit the Writing Lab Newsletter, and I would have included a notice of this conference if I had heard about it in time. But the issue went to press before I saw the information. If you missed the announcement and are interested, let me know.

    Muriel (Mickey) Harris

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