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European Writing Centers Association Conference 2014: Early bird registration possible until May 16th

We would like to take the opportunity to point out the Early Bird registration deadline for reduced conference fees -May 16th 2014 – for the EWCA 2014 conference in Frankfurt (Oder). You can register online

Moreover, we would like to share the following information with you:

Peer Tutoring Day

We would like to welcome peer writing tutors from all over the world to join us for the European Peer Writing Tutor Day. This event is a special educational day for peer tutors from different writing centres all across the world. The event will start with an educational training day on 18th July 2014 at the Writing Centre of the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and is organized by German and Polish peer tutors from the European University Viadrina and the University of Łódź.

The training will focus on exchanging knowledge and experiences with different academic writing cultures, tutoring conferences/consultations and other aspects concerning peer tutor work at a writing center. A dinner will be organized in Slubice, on the Polish side of the river Oder. All participants are welcome to join the EWCA Conference on 19th July 2014 in the evening, after the Peer Tutor Day review and a discussion of the future of global peer tutor work.

Further information can be found on the website under “Peer Tutor Day”. If you are interested in participating, please send us a short note to

Call for Poster Presentations

In order to match the number of high quality abstracts for presentations and workshops, we are still looking for poster presentations. If you would like to present a poster (Format A0), please feel free to hand in your proposal. This is an excellent way to present writing centers, personal experiences with writing or with the teaching and tutoring of writing. Moreover, it is an amazing opportunity to connect with people and become feedback on projets.

Discovering Poland

We are happy to inform you that now we can provide you with more information on the Poland trip after the conference organised by “Marco der Pole”:
One-week-roundtrip: discover Poland – Poland Study Tour! July 23rd- 29th, starting from Frankfurt (Oder), ending in Berlin
For further details, please have a look on our website under “Additional Program Options” and for registration please contact:
Marek Frysztacki,
Deadline for registration: June 23rd 2014

On our homepage you can find travel and venue information, indications for hotels in Frankfurt (Oder) and on the Polish side, a presentation of the keynotes and much more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Katrin Girgensohn &
EWCA conference team

Join us:

: ) Schreibzentrum der Europa-Universität Viadrina
August-Bebel-Str. 12, Raum AB 115
Postfach 1786
15207 Frankfurt (Oder)
Tel. 0335/55 34 37 30

Invitation to EWCA conference 2014 in Germany

Dear colleagues,
We cordially invite you to the 2014 EWCA conference at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder)/Germany. Proposals are due by January 15!

Let’s peer across borders – writing centers in motion

July 19th-22nd 2014

–          Directly on the Polish border

–          One hour train ride from Berlin

postcard ewca 2014 conferenceWe would like to invite you to peer into the future of writing centers in Europe and worldwide. During the last years, many things came into motion with regards to writing centers and writing pedagogies: New centers opened, new literacies became vital, new research areas became important, new collaborations started. Our 2014 conference aims to offer a space for peering into the work of others and for starting new collaborations in research and practices. The verb “to peer” indicates that we invite everybody to consider our everyday work and to take a scholarly stance. It also reminds us of peer learning and a truly collaborative learning experience. To ensure exciting and lasting networking across borders we invite research-based presentations, workshops, and poster presentations, but will also offer an open space session and possibilities to meet with special interest group

The conference lingua franca will be English. However, please feel free to offer your sessions also in Polish, French or German.

Please find  the call for papers at the conference homepage:

We are looking forward to meeting you in July 2014!

Best wishes,

Katrin Girgensohn

Space matters – Invitation to the Writing Center at European University Viadrina/Germany

Let’s go to the Writing Center at the European University Viadrina. At the wooden door hang colorful signs that indicate the opening times, the writing hours, consulting hours for doctoral candidates and other services of the Writing Center. You’ll also find our mission statement, printed on red paper, and various newspaper articles.

I open the door and hear the gurgling of the coffee machine. Throughout the room it scents like coffee. Sebastian is sitting at the tutors’ computer and smiles at me. The room is big and many things happen in this room.

writing center European University Viadrina

Sometimes I imagine I could use a jar to collect all the thoughts of students, of the seminar participants, of doctoral students, of the writing consultants, of the participants of the Certificate, “Writing Center Work and Literacy Management” and of my team. Would they fit into one jar? Or I would I have to use lots of small, large, thick and thin glasses, looking to capture all the thoughts? And if I would open it, with what kind of thoughts would the air of the room and the corridors of the language center building be filled? It’s like this: writers do not just think about the text surface, but they have to deal intensively with their writing topics. The air would smell like Adorno, Elbow, Foucault, Keynes, Mayring, Kant, Kleist … they all were already in our writing center.

Yesterday I prepared for the seminar “Learning academic writing through process steps and writing advice.” I moved tables and chairs so that all 25 students would have enough room to work.

The writing center as a space for students' collaboration

Once a student expressed how amazed she is that every time she comes, the room would look different. Yes, the room is multifunctional, not only because of the movable tables and chairs.
Sometimes it is a seminar room (I change all the tables, form a long seminar table).

The writing center as a space for seminar groups

Sometimes it is a writing consulting room (we are distributing the tables like small islands ready for conversations).

The writing center as a space for writing consulting

Sometimes, the room opens space for the participants of the training (I build long boards and small islands).

The writing center as a space for small groups' work

Sometimes it is our staff meeting room (we get together and discuss everything over a cup of coffee).

The writing center as a space for staff meetings

Sometimes it is a place for our writing events, such as the “Long Night against Procrastination” or “writing marathon” .

The writing center as a space for writing events

And sometimes the writing center is just writing room, library or research area.


The writing as a space for reading

The writing center as a space for writing

The room is also our office. In the left corner there is my desk. I sit here almost every day planning my seminars, writing, coordinating, answering the thousands of e-mails, writing, phoning, writing …..

The writing center with office space

The writing center with office space

To the right you find the computer of the writing tutors. They are often here, because we offer consulting hours four times every week. The writing tutors are also here to develop handouts, to write concepts and to help me at work. Often the tutors stay to meet each other and to work on their own papers and research.

The writing center as a space for tutors collaborating

In our writing center so many people come together and all have something in common. They write and are interested in writing. For example, last weekend the second module of our certificate “writing center work and Literacy Management” took place. Many interested lecturers, university staff from all over Germany and even Austria came together to learn about “Writing and Teaching Literarcy Management”. It was a very nice weekend. The yellow and orange lilies are still on the table and smell. They remind me of the successful weekend.

The writing center as a space for highschool students

Yesterday the peer tutors held their consulting hours. They shared thoughts with the consultants about their homework essays or theses. Writers sat down on the blue sofa and waited patiently until it was their turn. Yesterday we also had visitors from the University of Kassel, and I showed them our well-equipped library for writing and teaching.

The writing center as space for conversations

Today, a seminar will take place in academic writing and peer tutoring. The tables have been moved and the colorful papers are just waiting to become scribbled. Afterwards, there will be a seminar on writing for students of Intercultural Germanistik. Tomorrow morning we have team meeting and then we will open our doors for the writing advice and counseling – small consulting islands will conjure up quickly. Louise will sit at my desk and work on budget calculations for our projects and I will meanwhile have lunch at one of the tables.  Thursday it will become a little calmer and I can work more focused on my desk until Anna and Sebastian will come and offer writing advice for their peers.

The writing center can also be a space for celebration

Our writing center  – it is a living and beautiful space.

(This article is a translation of an article by Franziska Liebetanz, published in the Blog of the writing center of European University Viadrina)