Are you knowledgeable about working with WordPress and blogs? Interested in taking on some work the Connecting Writing Center across Borders blog? We need someone to seek out and collect responses by writing center people about working online in the time of COVID. We are looking for a volunteer who is conversant with the blog interface and systems of WordPress to help set up a dedicated section of the blog. This section will contain COVID-19 related content as it is discussed in the writing center community.

Currently, there are people within this community answering questions on one social media platform or listserv or Zoom conversation that were asked on another social media platform or listserv, etc. And in response to our call, people have been sending in their responses to moving online. A dedicated space on the WLN blog (complete with a search engine) would let the writing center community more effectively help and connect with each other. Therefore, in addition to creating the section on the blog, this person would also update and monitor the section by collecting and posting useful posts, questions, answers, comments, and responses from writing center folks writing about working online due to the COVID epidemic. This person needs to know how to work with WordPress’ posting and editing features that are used for multimodal content, not just written texts.

If you are interested, please send an email as soon as possible, telling us about your tech work particularly on blogging platforms like WordPress, your writing center experience, some suggestions about how you would proceed with the project above, and a copy of your CV.

Send to the following, and use the subject line: COVID WLN Blog:

Muriel Harris:
Anna Habib:
Esther Namubiru:

Deadline: June 15, 2020

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