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Amy Hansen, staff writer, introduces our special creative writing feature to wrap up the spring ’17 semester! To read individual pieces, click the pull quotes below, or scroll through the creative writing section of the blog. 

I had no idea what we’d receive when we put out the call for creative writing about writing center work, but I was banking on the obsessive devotion both fields require to produce good results. We read so many good submissions from all over the world — from South Africa to Hawai’i to Canada (and beyond!) — and gradually, as these things do, a theme began to emerge.

Like our writers, all of whom identify as creative writers and writing center folks, each piece we chose features a space between the creative and the academic, between self and other, between prescriptivist and descriptivist, between music and poetry, and between play and form.

This makes sense to me! As writing center tutors and administrators, our work requires us to shift rapidly in and out of discourse communities and interpersonal roles. So why wouldn’t that same tension translate thematically and stylistically to our creative writing?

At times, I’ve felt insecure about my creative writing degree in our field. I worry I sometimes lack the theoretical perspectives of my colleagues, or that my secondhand, on-the-job acquisition of the knowledge I do have somehow renders it less valid. I’m encouraged by the thoughtful reflections of my creative/writing center colleagues here as they draw parallels between the workshop model used in creative writing classes and the work we do with writers in the center. I love the reminder that, as practicing creative writers who frequently offer up our work for feedback and appraisal, either in the workshop or for publication, we have great empathy for the vulnerability and anxiety clients can feel when they share writing with us.

At CWCAB, we’re committed to making global connections within the writing center community, and we’re particularly excited to make this one. We intend to continue publishing creative writing on the blog, so I hope you’ll consider this a rolling deadline. If you have creative writing about writing center work, please email it to

We know you’ll enjoy these pieces as much as we did.

Thanks for reading!

Amy Hansen
Writing Center Assistant Director, Appalachian State University
CWCAB Staff Writer

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