WLN News Round-Up December 7-20

Here’s some of what has been on the WLN news radar this week:

Happy Hanukkah!  Check out this list of 8-book themed gifts for Hanukkah that will delight the readers and writers in your life. [Bustle]

  goetheWriting centers connect internationally. Dr. Stephanie Dreyfürst, who founded and directs the Writing Center at Frankfurt’s Goethe-University, shares about her visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center and discusses academia and writing center culture in both Germany and the United States. [Another Word]

A TESOL instructor reflects. Professor Jessica McCaughey shares the biggest lessons that she learned teaching English-language learners and how she sees those lessons as transferrable to other kinds of classes. [The Chronicle of Higher Education]

Rather than delaying your writing projects, start now! For those of you reading this as you procrastinate on finals work, British philosopher Alain de Botton suggests that procrastination stems from perfectionism and that we should find a way to begin projects rather than delay them. [Business Insider]

Check out this video that depicts de Botton’s ideas on procrastination:

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