CFP: The 3rd International Conference on Academic Writing

Dr. Michael Dickel shares a CFP for the conference hosted by the Israel Forum for Academic Writing (IFAW).

The 3rd International Conference on Academic Writing is pleased to feature the following keynote speakers:

The deadline for abstracts has been extended until 22 November. While there will be presentations in Hebrew and Arabic (with a select few having simultaneous translation into English), if it follows the pattern of the last two conferences, most will be in English. Writing Center presentations are explicitly included, and have done well in the past conferences.

Download the IFAW Call for Proposals 2016 here!

More about the conference: About 9 years ago, a group of academics who taught Academic Writing in Higher Education (mostly in English, at the time) decided to start a professional organization in Israel. I happened onto the scene and joined up with them shortly after—the result of our efforts was the Israel Forum on Academic Writing (the name came a bit later). After a couple of very successful initial meetings, we applied to the MOFET Institute, which supports pedagogical research and teacher education in Israel. They have provided support to the organization as one of its “Forums,” which is where the name came from, although we call ourselves IFAW (pronounced here as ee-FAW).

The organization quickly expanded from mostly English-writing faculty to include faculty who teach writing in Hebrew and Arabic. There are a few members who teach secondary schools, but writing is not a regular part of the usual high school curriculum here. It is also not typically taught in universities or colleges, although some individual majors do require writing. In this way, the context is very different.

The organization meets a few times each semester, usually sharing research in progress or praxis presentations. Sometimes, there is a guest speaker (such as an international visitor or someone from another field). Some of us presented at a 4Cs Panel in St. Louis. Many members of IFAW present our work internationally.

The organization has hosted some national conferences in Israel, and two previous international conferences. Chris Anson and Paul Kei Matsuda have been U.S. keynote speakers at those two (Chris and the first, Paul and the second—I introduced both of them). There were also keynotes from Germany and England, but I don’t have the names in front of me right now. Conference presenters have come from Europe, Australia, Asia, the Americas, and Israel. Most panels are in English, some are in Hebrew or Arabic. This year, there will be simultaneous translations of some of these into English.

Of interest to the writing center context is the fact that the few writing center staff in Israel (there are only a few writing centers, and but also there is some writing support as part of foreign language labs here) have been active in IFAW since it began—the person who runs the one that would be most familiar to US writing center people was among those who started the organization. So, writing centers, while uncommon here, have had an important presence in the organization and in presentations at the local and international conferences. Most people in the organization are very interested in writing centers and would love to have one where they teach.

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