WcORD goes public!

Ever feel like the same questions get asked on the listservs and Facebook groups again and again?

Looking for examples of writing center videos?

What articles to read about training programs?

Links to regional writing center groups?

There’s a new solution for that!

The WLN is pleased to announce that WCORD: The Writing Center Online Resource Database is now LIVE.

Associate editor Lee Ann Glowzenski, a key architect of the archive, shares that “WcORD is a community project, and we’re depending on users to help the database to grow. We’d love to see the addition of writing center websites and blogs, links to articles and handouts, videos and multimedia presentations — any and all resources that writing center practitioners and researchers use in their everyday work.”

Mickey Harris agrees. “Join on in! Enter the online resources they have for their centers or that they know about (including the URLs for their WCA organizations). Together, we can make this an invaluable resource for our community.”

Explore and bookmark the WcORD today!

2 thoughts on “WcORD goes public!

  1. I would like to receive your new letters and learn about publishing through this resource for writers themselves to share. Not thinking this is a public site, like Face, correct? Those who sign up can learn and share from this site. Correct?

  2. Hi Kathi,
    Thank you for visiting the CWCAB blog. As a blog editor I am not sure who you asked the questions above. If you go to the stop of the page and click on WLN the link with take you to the website of the Writing Lab Newsletter. There you can subscribe for the newsletter and learn about the submission guidelines to that newsletter. If you want to publish on this blog, introduce who you are, your work, your writing center, etc. get in touch with one of the blog administrators or post yourself.
    The last questions I assume are in reference to the CWCAB blog: All entries are publicly accessible. If someone posts a comment or a blog entry then they need to sign up and join the site.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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