Brand new WC–brand new university

Tomorrow is my first day of work at ADA University in Baku, Azerbaijan. I have been hired to establish and coordinate the Writing Center as well as to teach writing to graduate students.

ADA has graduate students because it has actually been running as a stand-alone graduate institution (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy) for several years. A couple of years ago it was decided to establish an undergraduate school as well. So, our brand new campus is (almost) ready–at least that’s the rumor–I have yet to see it. A friend and former colleague from another start-up in Nigeria is heading up the library and she has sent pictures, so I know the place exists.

I am, of course, anxious to get there and stake out a claim on space for the writing center. I am imagining something like the land grab that took place in the 19th century when the US government would open new territories to pioneers and sell them the land dirt-cheap. We all know the importance of territory in academia, so it should be interesting.
There is also some controversy about the organizational home of the Writing Center–the less said about that at this point, the better.

I’ll keep you informed as things “develop.”

Cheryl Pavlik
Writing Center Coordinator
ADA University
Baku, Azerbaijan

2 thoughts on “Brand new WC–brand new university

  1. Hi Cheryl.

    Good luck with it all–will be interested to hear how things work out. I’m curious to know where you did your training.

    All the best,

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